machine learning

Amethix Technologies provide organizations from the public and
private sectors with the capabilities to extract insight from their
enterprise data, identify critical events for their business and
demonstrate the added value of data driven decisions

Amethix Technologies play a fundamental role in the data science teams of the organizations who combine business knowledge and machine learning.

Advanced data exploration and preparation techniques are followed by modeling physical phenomena and business cases with cutting edge mathematical statistical methods and data algorithms.

Development of prototypes and production-ready software components are performed with the most advanced and competitive frameworks.

Not only does Amethix integrate with your data, it also integrates with your workflow and adapt to integrate with your organization’s business process. The tasks performed are listed and not limited to: 

  • Algorithm design
  • Feature engineering
  • Data collection and preparation
  • Creation of advanced statistical models
  • Predicting equipment failure
  • Synthetic data generation
  • Technical reports and whitepapers

With Amethix Technologies, you have a business partner committed to delivering more than just software. We deliver the outcome you care about: data driven decision support