Pharma RWE

Pharmaceutical companies need a detailed picture of patients journey to
improve drug development and accuracy of predictions.
Real world data require a different analytic approach, considering
higher complexity, sparsity and privacy.
See how one of the most important players in healthcare and pharmaceutical
industries conducted ground-breaking research

Amethix is involved in commercial projects from the analysis of medical claims to the integration with diverse data sources, in order to measure the effectiveness of drugs outside of clinical trials and predicting the risk of specific diseases

  • Designed and implemented powerful predictive models for disease interception improving overall accuracy with respect to state-of-the-art methods
  • Implemented the most accurate predictive models for drug recommendation
  • Proposed and facilitated adoption of big data technologies and advanced analytics solutions with deep learning and artificial intelligence

Amethix designed and implemented analytical methods to integrate genomics data such as gene expression profiles, methylation, RNAseq in order to identify genetic pathways responsible of specific medical conditions

  • Conducted cost and benefit analysis on the new ideas of the Client
  • Developed statistical models to validate existing hypotheses
  • Assisted in developing internal tools for data analysis and deployed data analytics tools on existing parallel computing infrastructure