Advanced analytics for healthcare


Johnson & Johnson


Algorithm design, implementation, Software Development


Belgium, USA

Janssen Pharmaceutica is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Beerse, Belgium and owned by Johnson & Johnson. The disease interception unit advances a growing venture portfolio focused on intercepting diseases prior to onset

Amethix Technologies has played a fundamental role in the interception of several diseases among which Ischaemic stroke, using Real World Evidence (RWE) data

Project summary

Involved in commercial projects that range from big data analytics to measuring the effectiveness of drugs outside of clinical trials to social network analysis of clinicians and medical practitioners to predicting risk of specific diseases.


Amethix designed and implemented powerful predictive models for disease interception, improving overall accuracy by +25% with respect to existing models.

More specifically we have

  • implemented the most accurate predictive model for drug recommendation
  • proposed and facilitated adoption of Big Data technologies and Advanced analytics solutions with Deep Learning and AI
  • designed strategies to improve reproducibility in machine learning and production pipelines

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