Making sense
of your data

Who we are. What we do. Why we are here.

We are an independent lab that

builds solutions
for your business.

Amethix Technologies is providing advanced analytics solutions in domains like healthcare and pharmaceuticals, finance, energy and social media.

With Amethix, you have a business partner committed to delivering more than just software. We deliver the outcome you care about: data driven decision support.

Our purpose

We believe in augmenting human intelligence. Not replacing it. Better data and innovative technology are a perfect combination that allows people and organisations to solve hard problems for their business and humanity. It is essential for our clients and partners to have access to the best technology and the most effective data collection strategies.

In the years we have seen many organisations failing and misusing off-the-shelf machine learning solutions that are not expensive to deploy and require little or no design effort. We believe in customised solutions. Because every problem is different, and every organisations have very specific requirements to satisfy. We saw a need for a different type of company, that is close to their customers from day one. That’s why we founded Amethix Technologies.


Products that Make Your Business Smarter.


Nothing happens before a meticulous and exhaustive study of every conceivable requirement and constraint related to the specific use cases. We are born researchers from some of Europe’s most prestigious universities.

For us, engineering is a lifestyle, not just one of the many things we do.


Our feasibility studies are followed by a systematic engineering design that takes into account the most unfavourable real-life constraints and the most advanced tools and concepts we have access to.

We feel responsible of what we build.


Our proof-of-concepts are converted into software ready for production and making an impact on your business. For us quality and reliability aren’t just buzzwords. They’re our guiding.

They define every aspect of what we do and deliver.

Our Clients Say

We had several notable achievements included designing and implementing a powerful predictive model for disease interception improving overall accuracy by +25%

Dr. Rama Kondru
Global Head Data Sciences

Amethix added semantics to the NLP stack of our financial chatbot. This improved intent classification, and overall accuracy. We loved it. Our customers loved it!

Rob Guylfoyle

Working with Amethix has been a great experience thank to their sharp design and promptness. Predictions stayed accurate under drastic changes in many geographic locations

Blake Harbert
Operational Forecasting
GoBrands Inc.

Amethix contributed to Ocean Protocol during its infancy and made the project move forward immeasurably. I'm always looking for excuses to working with them again in the future.

Don Gossen