what you do

Our clients entrust us with the responsibility of satisfying their business requirements.
We make their challenges ours.

The joy of building

We are researchers, coders, and engineers. We truly enjoy thinking about and building cutting-edge solutions that satisfy the commercial needs of our customers.
What matters to us is empowering people and businesses with machine learning and data analytics. Better data and innovative technology are the perfect combinations to allow people to win their challenges.

Jobs at Amethix

Find the open roles at Amethix. We can always tell you more about our options after starting the conversations.

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Amethix is headquartered

Remote before it was cool

We always search for the best talent. Wherever they are.
Our team has always found the best combination between the office and the place they feel most comfortable working from.
Working from anywhere is not a necessity.
It's our lifestyle.

Our purpose

We believe in technology as one of the most effective vehicles to facilitate communication and solve the many challenges of humanity. Our focus is on creating the best experience for working with data and complex systems, for people and organizations. The organizations that chose us realize how important it is to produce operational results in weeks and not years.
Quality, promptness, and reliability are some of our core values.

Amethix is headquartered

Our sectors and perspective

At Amethix we love to solve data challenges from any sector. We specialize and particularly love sectors like fintech, insurtech, healthcare and industrial automation. What matters to us is putting our expertise to our customers' disposal and reach the best possible result.
We know that we are obsessed by quality, timing, and efficiency. It's in our Dna.

Research and Engineering at Amethix

Discover some of the sectors we have contributed to with cutting-edge technology, applied research and production deployment.


We would love talking to you

We are constantly in search of the curious mind who can help us building the best products and services. It would be amazing if you had questions about the opportunities we create or just wanted to chat to explore some of our options. If you love machine learning, computer programming, applied mathematics or technology in general, give us a call and see what we have for you.