Conversational engine
for personal finance




Algorithm design, Governance, Software Development



Abe.AI gives financial institutions a fully featured product with the Virtual Financial Assistant, but it's critical that financial institutions own their roadmap and the data underlying machine learning models. The Conversational AI Platform empowers financial institutions to leverage AI in finance for better customer experiences and increased operational efficiency. technology was built specifically for technology in banks, credit unions, and wealth managers.

Project summary

Personal finance has always been a challenge for people who struggle with their money. Abe AI conversational engine - chatbot - is an advanced AI-based solution that helps people manage their money in the most natural way.


Amethix has played an essential role since the very early stage of the product. We have supported ABE.AI in creating solutions for financial services for medium-sized credit unions and financial aggregators in the USA.

The entire conversation engine has been designed and integrated with advanced NLP techniques, from off-the-shelf machine learning methods to more advanced deep learning techniques. Amethix implemented the most accurate Named Entity Recognition and Intent classification models, provided algorithms in the space of domain-specific language modeling, sentiment analysis and short-text queries.

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