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We help organizations achieving transformational changes with AI and machine learning solutions from the lab into production environments to serve and improve their business in a fast-paced world. Our solutions to analyze, extract, and transform data have helped many clients drive more value for their business processes

Healthcare &

Pharmaceutical companies need a detailed picture of patients journey to improve drug development and accuracy of predictions. Some of the most important players in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries conducted ground-breaking research in the fields of disease prediction and drug development with Amethix Technologies


Unplanned shutdowns of critical equipments in industrial plants can cause huge economic losses due to the prolonged downtime, product quality problems, safety, environmental issues and severe wastes. Being able to predict future failures is crucial to mitigate these issues and optimize maintenance scheduling


Both financial institutions and individual customers feel the urge to extract knowledge from high volumes of financial transactions. Several players in the fintech domain are answering key questions about saving, budgeting and personal investment with data. We integrate and analyze personal finance data to identify spending trends, improve personal finance, while providing reliable financial scores to institutions.


Large and small enterprises exploring blockchain technology for specific aspects of their business require feasibility studies and customized solutions to assess the necessity and the potential of blockchain for their use cases. We have helped key players in the blockchain space with designing and maintaining blockchain related products and services and optimize business cases for better transparency and disintermediation.

Industrial Automation

Some of the most critical challenges in the manufacturing domain are essentially data challenges. We have supported small and large organizations facing such challenges in supply chain, quality control, efficiency and demand forecasting. Amethix contributions have allowed our Clients enter the fourth industrial revolution by distilling and harnessing data across the value chain, production and operations data